Aman Gupta Biography(Shark Tank Show Judge Biography)

Aman Gupta Shark Tank Show Judge Biography

Aman Gupta Biography
Aman Gupta Biography

Aman Gupta Biography: Know Who is Aman Gupta, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Career, Family, Education (Aman Gupta Shark Tank Show Judge Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Family, Career, Education)

Everyone is talking about the biography of Aman Gupta and ever since the Shark Tank show has come on Sony TV. I love the logo. And why not show like this too. The special thing is that the judges of this show are amazing and very successful in their life. Another thing that makes this show special is the judge’s heart.

Today I am going to give the biography of a judge in them (Aman Gupta Biography). There are storms in everyone’s life, there are difficulties. But the one who crosses it and moves forward with courage and reaches his destination is the real shark. One such story is the biography of Aman Gupta, a successful entrepreneur of our country. Know about his net worth, age, wife, career, education, family.

Who is Aman Gupta? (Aman Gupta Biography)

Today almost every home will have a BOAT brand earphone, Earpod, or charger. Aman Gupta is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the same BOAT brand. Abhi is a proud Indian entrepreneur and investor. BOAT is India’s number one go-to for electronic components. Speakers, mobile chargers, earphones, and earpads are manufactured by Aman Gupta’s company. The boat has become a trusted company.

And this has happened in just five years. Last year, even in the midst of the Karna epidemic, this company had achieved the immense success of 500 crores. Today bots cover 27.3% of the market. On the Josh talk show, Aman says that he not only worked hard to build his company but also understood the root that Indian customers were looking for. His father has a big role.

He always inspired peace because the ego has no place in an entrepreneur. Which is increasing in today’s youth. After being rejected many times, he has got this destination. No one can compete with the boat today, especially in India. He did domestic sales in the first two years. Due to this they also made a lot of profit. His company did a business of 10 crores.

In 2016, Aman founded a company called “Jahaj”, which he used to sell trendy audio equipment. And in all this, he got the support of his father. The two then worked together as their father had little experience in sales. Aman Gupta Biography is really inspirational.

Aman Gupta Birthday, Family and Hobbies

Aman Gupta was born on Thursday 4 March 1982 in the city of Delhi. Aman belongs to a middle-class family. His father’s name is Neeraj Gupta and his mother’s name is Jyoti Kochhar. There is also a brother named Anmol Gupta. Father works in sales. He is very fond of writing, playing, and traveling.

Aman Gupta Height, Age, Religion, Weight, Color (Aman Gupta Height, Age, Religion, Weight, Color)

The height of Aman Gupta is 5 feet 8 inches (5’8″, 1.73 inches m). He is an Indian as well as belongs to Hinduism. Aman Gupta is 40 years old and his weight is 70 kg. The complexion is fair, but the color of the eyes and hair is black.

Aman Gupta Education & Qualification

Aman Gupta did his early studies from Delhi itself. He did his schooling at Delhi Public School RK Puram. After this, he completed his graduation from Delhi University. After that enrolled in ICI to study CA and became the youngest CA. But, later he became interested in MBA and did his Master of Business (MBA) from Indian School of Business in Finance and Staging. His educational qualification is Chartered Accountant and MBA. He was very good at his studies.

Aman Gupta career and Aman Gupta biography

Aman Gupta’s name has also been added to those who brought a revolution in today’s era. Today he is an entrepreneur. Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of BOAT. But, before that in 2003, he also worked as an assistant director of Citibank.

After this, between 2005 and 2010, he opened another company named Advance Tele Media Private Limited. But, it got closed due to not running. Then in 2012, took over the job of Sales Manager in Famous Harman International Company. But still, he did not get that satisfaction. He also left that job after working in the International and Mobile Association of India.

Even after doing everything, it felt incomplete. So now he decided to start his own business and created the BOAT brand with his friend Sameer. Which is known in every household. BOAT became successful in just five years.

Aman Gupta personal life, wife, children (Aman Gupta personal life, wife, children)
Aman Gupta got married ten years ago when Ho was almost 30 years old. His wife’s name is Priya Dagri. They have two daughters named Mia Gupta and Ada Gupta.

How did Aman Gupta become the judge of the Shark Tank India Show? (Aman Gupta Shark Tank India Show Judge, Sony TV)

These days the show Shark Tank India aired on Sony TV is very much discussed. This is being discussed everywhere. Apart from the talented contestants and innovators, the show is equally in the limelight for its judges. In such a short time that Aman Gupta has made himself, one would want him to be a part of that show.
Shark Tank is also an American show in which innovators come up with their ideas and share them with sharks. If a shark gets interested in it, then they invest their money in it and at the same time provide mentorship.
Seeing the life journey of Aman Gupta, the makers of Shark Tank approached him and today he is also helping the right people by sitting on the judge’s chair. He has made his place in the hearts of millions of people with his generosity.

Aman Gupta Net Worth

According to a report, his net worth is $ 95 million. He has also invested in different companies. He founded BOAT in 2015. And last year in covid also managed to do business of 500 crores which was 108% more than in 2019.
Heavy-duty cables, portable chargers as well as other accessories are available. BOAT products are available in more than 5000 stores today. The company’s sales per day are said to be around 10,000 devices and every year 4 million units. It has been said that the company has given service to 20 million Indians before this.

Aman Gupta Salary

According to a report, they get 40 crores as salary every year in BOAT. But there is no report of earning what is their source.

Advice from Aman Gupta (Advice from Aman Gupta, Aman Gupta Biography)

When Aman Gupta came on Josh Talk, he gave advice to all the youth, entrepreneurs, and all business people. He said don’t be afraid to fail. He also failed thrice but did not give up. What he learned by failing, no one else can learn.






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