Motorcycle Injury Lawyer near Me[2022]

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Oberheiden Law

Motorcycle Injury Lawyer near Me
Motorcycle Injury Lawyer near Me

New york city motorcycle accident injuries

Unfortunately, many motorcycle accident victims suffer fatal injuries. Given the serious nature of injuries sustained by motorcyclists, such accident victims and their families require the best possible legal representation. (Motorcycle Accident Today)  In New York and New Jersey, motorcycle accident victims and their families Sullivan Papen Block McGrath Coffinas & Canavo, P.C.

Our law firm has passionately advocated on behalf of thousands of accident victims. We handle more motor vehicle accident claims than any other type of claim, so we are uniquely prepared to handle any issues that may arise in your case. (Types of Lawyers in India) Even if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, to experience serious injury following a collision with a commercial truck, we are ready to represent you.

We fight for injured motorcyclists

Our motorcycle accident attorneys prosecute personal injury claims involving distracted drivers, drunk drivers and drivers who fail to comply with traffic laws, including speeding, improper lane changes and other traffic violations. (Motorcycle Accident Lawyer near Maharashtra) Huh. We have vast experience in handling motorcycle accident claims and understand the unique issues that may arise in such cases.

We understand insurance laws, defenses often presented by insurance defense attorneys, and other issues important to successfully obtaining compensation for injured motorcyclists.

Where necessary, we have access to investigators and expert witnesses, including accident reconstruction specialists and medical experts, who can assist with the effective management of motorcycle accident claims.

As a result of our thorough trial preparation and commitment to strictly adhere to full compensation for each of our clients, we have received over $2 billion on behalf of injured clients since the year 2000.

Let our New York motorcycle accident lawyers fight for your justice

Our knowledge of motorcycle accident law is extensive and accounts for the different types of motorcycle accidents that occur in the New York City metro area each year.

Since 2000, we have handled numerous motorcycle accident cases that have resulted in millions of dollar settlements against other drivers, cities and even counties in New York. (Motorcycle Accident Lawyer near Aurangabad, Maharashtra) The following is a select list of motorcycle cases of note that we have handled over the past twenty years.

Motorcyclist vs. Nassau County – $19 Million Verdict
  • Our client suffered serious injuries from a motorcycle accident in which another vehicle turned left in front of his motorcycle. Although the second driver admitted a partial fault in the case, a jury assigned 80% fault to Nassau County for failing to maintain the intersection in a safe manner. Our clients received $4 million for past aches and pains and $15 million for their future aches and pains.

Motorcyclist vs. Parked Motorist – $8.8 million settlement
  • Our client had serious injuries that resulted in paraplegia – paralysis of the lower extremities – as a result of a motorcycle accident. Our client leaned over to avoid an illegally parked truck and hit an oncoming vehicle, resulting in an $8.8 million settlement in his favor.

Motorcyclist vs. Truck – $5.5 million settlement
  • A truck hit our client and dragged him on the road. Our client experienced serious injuries, including traumatic crush injuries to both legs, which resulted in an amputation of one leg above the knee. He received a $5.5 million settlement for his aches, pains and medical bills.

Motorcyclist vs. Ambulance – $1.3 Million Settlement
  • Responding to an emergency, an ambulance rammed a motorcycle carrying a father and his ten-year-old son. No one survived the accident except wife and mother. The property received a $1.3 million settlement from the ambulance company.

  • Of course, each case is unique and prior settlements do not guarantee the outcome of your case. However, we recognize that the cases represent the widest variety that occurs within the same type of personal injury law. (Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer near Me) Our firm will handle any motorcycle case no matter what the circumstances – our long history of achieving a fair settlement for our customers speaks for itself.

Types of Compensation for Motorcycle Accidents in NYC

When you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit for your injuries in a New York motorcycle accident, there are several different types of compensation available depending on the damages. (Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer)  We will investigate the circumstances of your accident, identify any responsible parties, and work diligently to achieve a fair outcome for your case.

Depending on the nature of your accident and injuries, you may receive financial compensation for

  • Medical bills and expenses. You can get compensation for medical bills and accident-related expenses, including emergency room fees, hospital visits, transportation costs, medical supplies, and medications. In addition, you may receive compensation for future medical care.
  • lost wages. If you were unable to return to work after a motorcycle accident because of your injuries, you may receive compensation for wages you lost during that time. In addition, if your injuries prevent you from returning to work, you may receive compensation for lost wages in the future.
  • property damage. Any motorcycle accident usually causes extensive damage to your motorcycle as well as other personal property. If the courts find the other motorist guilty, you can get compensation for the damage to your property.
  • pain and suffering. If your injuries are particularly severe, you may receive compensation for extreme pain and suffering following the accident. In addition, long-lasting effects such as PTSD can affect your quality of life, resulting in further compensation.
  • Loss of consortium. Similar to pain and suffering, if your motorcycle accident reduces your quality of life to such an extent that you are unable to maintain a relationship with your spouse or children, you may receive compensation for your losses.
  • wrongful death. If a loved one dies from grievous hurt in a motorcycle accident, the estate can file a case of wrongful death against the negligent motorist who caused the accident.
After investigating your case, your attorney can inform you of the types of damages you will receive in a judgment or settlement. (Motorcycle Injury Lawyer near Me)  The monetary amount of your damages depends on their seriousness as well as any faults placed by you in the case. Excessive negligence on the part of another driver may add to your loss.

Why are motorcyclists at risk of injury?

  • Motorcycles offer relatively little protection from their surroundings. Even in single-motorcycle accidents, riders are at greater risk than drivers of conventional vehicles; In many vehicle accidents, the risk is even greater.(Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Oberheiden Law) As a result, motorcyclists often suffer more serious injuries, such as head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

Four main features of motorcycle design leave riders prone to injury

  • Lack of a frame. Unlike motor vehicles, motorcycles do not have a metal frame that protects the rider from impact. As a result, motorcyclists are directly impacted by roadways and other vehicles.
  • instability. Motorcycles run on two wheels instead of four, making them much less stable than motor vehicles. Sudden changes in traffic conditions, roadways, or the need to make a sudden stop leave the possibility of hauling motorcycles.
  • low weight. Compared to most vehicles, motorcycles are smaller and lighter, making them susceptible to damage, especially during collisions with larger, heavier vehicles.
  • Short sight. Because of their size and low profile, motorcycles are more difficult to see than other motor vehicles. (Motor Accident Lawyers) As a result, other drivers may fail to operate the motorbike, be bitten by the motorcyclist, or otherwise cause an accident with the motorcyclist.

Contact the New York Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one is hurt in a motorcycle accident, it is essential that you get in touch with our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers as soon as possible.
Sullivan Papen Block McGrath Coffinas & Canavo, PC. Legal team in Will work diligently to investigate your accident and help you get fair compensation for your injuries.
Many of our cases reach favorable settlement long before litigation is required, but our attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully pursue motorcycle accident litigation.
If you need to speak with one of our experienced New York City accident lawyers about a motorcycle injury, we are pleased to offer a free consultation.
We are eager to give you the necessary legal advice so that you can start medical treatment and get back to your life as soon as possible.
Contact our New York City office in Lower Manhattan at (212) 732-9000. Alternatively, get in touch via email, or access our contact page.






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